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Terms and FAQ for Dirt Woman Fiber Arts

KFI Luxury
   Indulgence Cash.
   Silk Sport
Knitting Fever
   Painted Desert
   Painted Sky
Lana Gatto
   Harmony 230 <50%>
Lana Grossa
   Allegro Print
   CASHSILK Degradé
   Organico Print
   Roma Degradé
   Novena Color
   Zero <50%>
   Euroflax Lace <50%>
   Euroflax Sport <50%>
Louisa Harding
   Amitola Grande
MJ Yarns <50%>
   Opulent Fingering
   Kureyon AIR
   Silk Garden Sock
   Silk Garden Sock Solo
Online Yarns
   Linie 164 Java
Rayon Cones
   Breathless Cush
   Enzo Sport
   Paulie Fingering
   Cobasi Tonal <50%>
Swans Island
   Small Batch #1 <50%>
The Fibre Company
   Cumbria <50%>
   Luma <50%>
   Terra <50%>
   Autumn Wind Print
   Lino Print
   Merino VI
   Merino VIII
   Phoenix Print
Viking of Norway
   Aurora Sock
Zen Yarn Garden
   Serenity 20
   Serenity Silk Single
   Glanz Punkt <50%>
   Traum Seide <50%>

© 2019
Dirt Woman LLC dba
Dirt Woman Fiber Arts
All Rights Reserved

Online Purchases:  You may purchase online now using the shopping cart.  PayPal™ hosts the shopping cart and processes online payments for us.  Click the "Add To Cart" icon by each item you wish to purchase to add it to your shopping cart.  Your cart will appear in a separate window and summarize your order.  If you close the cart window, you may reopen it by adding another item to your cart.  When you've finished adding the items you wish to purchase to your cart, return to the cart window, adjust quantities, and check out.  The charge for your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as Dirt Woman, LLC.  By adding items to your cart, you acknowledge that you have received a copy of our terms, read them, understand them, and agree to be bound by them.

Paypal Shopping Cart Indicates Item Out of Stock:
If you try to purchase more of an item than we have in stock, the PayPal™ system will indicate that the item is out of stock without providing information on how many items are actually available in stock.  If this happens, reduce quantity until the items lodge in the cart.  As items sell out, we remove them from the web page.

  We ship to continental U.S. addresses (lower 48 states) only.  We are unable to ship to addresses outside the continental U.S.  All shipments are FOB White Stone, Virginia. We ship via the least expensive option of USPS "First Class" or "Priority Mail".  To quote shipping, add the items you wish to purchase to the PayPal™ online shopping cart.  Contact us before ordering if you want to purchase expedited shipping, insurance, etc.  The shipping calculator is based on typical order characteristics.  We reserve the right to adjust shipping charges for orders with atypical characteristics including, but not limited to large quantity, heavy weight, and high spatial volume.

  We do not accept returns or exchanges.

  If your need for an item is quantity, dye-lot number, or time sensitive, contact us before purchasing to confirm availability and anticipated shipping date.  Otherwise, when we receive your order, we will ship what we have in stock and issue a refund for the difference.  Merchandise is offered subject to prior sale through other venues.  All items are kept in a clean, conditioned, nonsmoking, pet-free environment.  As with any purchase from a local yarn shop, some items may have price tags affixed, exhibit shelf wear, label fading, etc.

Cone Weights:
  We reserve the right to substitute cones of similar weight to those identified in the online shopping cart for rayon and rayon blends on cones in bouclé, chenille, and plain spins and Florafil bulky Georgia cotton on cones.  If we substitute a smaller cone, we'll refund the difference in price (net of Paypal transaction fees) when we ship your order.  If we substitute a larger cone, we'll invoice you for the difference before shipping.

  Prices, product descriptions, and terms are subject to change without notice.  We reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions, withdraw products without notice, and decline transactions for any reason.

Special Notice Regarding Yarn Colors:
  Actual yarn colors are likely to differ from what is shown on your screen.  Many variables, such as dye lots, lighting, screen type, display settings, etc., influence color perception onscreen.  Additionally, the perceived color of yarn (and finished garments) in person varies significantly with the strength and type of daylight and artificial lighting encountered.  Color perception onscreen and in person is also affected by individual differences in human vision.  Separately, the appearance of self-striping/repeating yarns such as Noro, Roma, CASHSILK, Painted Desert, Painted Sky... varies as different parts of the sequence reveal on the outsides of skeins/balls.  We photograph the skeins/balls that seem to best represent the colors and the stripe/repeat ranges in our inventory.  By purchasing yarn from us, you acknowledge that you have compared the color and/or repeating/striping pattern shown on our web page with those shown on the manufacturers' web page(s), acknowledge that the yarn you receive is unlikely to match those colors and patterns precisely, and accept this variability.  Lastly, when using hand dyed yarns or mixing dye lots, alternating skeins may improve results.

Web Page Use/Content Agreement:
  Dirt Woman LLC dba Dirt Woman Fiber Arts (DW) provides the content of these web pages exclusively for the use of individuals and entities who honestly intend to purchase merchandise and/or services from DW to evaluate their prospective purchase from DW and positively promote the business of DW.  The content may not be copied, published, hosted, broadcast, transmitted, stored, linked to, or used for any other purpose.  Any other use of the content is strictly prohibited without advance written permission.  By downloading or viewing the content, you acknowledge that you have received a copy of this agreement, read it, understand it, and agree to be bound by it.  By using the content in any manner prohibited or not contemplated by this agreement, you acknowledge joint and several liability to pay DW licensing fees and royalties as liquidated damages for that use; you agree that venue for all actions at law or in equity arising out of any suit or other legal action pertaining to any provision of this agreement shall be in a court of competent jurisdiction in Lancaster County, Virginia; and you further agree to joint and several liability for all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees that, in the sole opinion of DW, may be necessary for it to enforce this agreement, as liquidated damages.

  If you have questions about this information, please contact us.

Thank you for your business and referrals!